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Join the community for technology minded children. Start a technology future by learning programming, coding, video game  design and much more with a live community! 


Become a YouTuber

Learn how to record and edit videos while building your own YouTube channel. 

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Building Minecraft Games

Learn basic programming and how to build Minecraft games using command blocks.

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Minecraft Redstone

Learn how to make crazy electical circuits and machinery with Minecraft Redstone.

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Building Awesome 2D Games

Learn how to build 2D games with Construct 2 and publish them to an online arcade.

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3D Game Design with Unity and C#

Learn how to build 3D games with Unity while learning how to code with C#.

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Building 3D Models (Coming Soon)

Learn how to build 3D Models using Blender that can be used in 3D animations or 3D video games.


  • Loves technology more than sports
  • Spends a lot of time in a digital world
  • Asks you technology questions you're not sure how to answer
  • Interacts in online communities already


/ month

  • Attend live online classes to improve technology skills
  • Build friendships and communication skills by interacting with other students
  • Attend additional learning lessons on popular video games (Minecraft, Roblox, etc)
  • Learn about online safety and ethical online behavior
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Learn from a Live instructor

Take live online classes with other students with a live instructor helping every step of the way. Students will never be left behind!

Engage with a community of students

It's not just about the learning, it's also about the communication and life skills students develop while interacting with other students online in a safe, monitored environment.

Develop computer and technology skills

Students learn computer programming and coding skills while also learning additional technology skills such as game design, app design, and animation.


In just 3 days, my 11-year old went from a kid obsessed with Minecraft to becoming a computer programmer--and she's proudly telling everyone she talks to! The online modding class opened up a whole new world to her, and it thrilled me to watch her write Java code, collaborate with kids across the country and test the creations they built together. The instructor was patient and encouraging, the course was helpful, and my daughter is feeling empowered and ready to learn more. Thank you!! Kim
Learn.Create.Build Academy has done a STELLAR job of putting together an online class program to enhance kids' knowledge of technology skills in a safe, fun, and completely engaging manner. To say that my son LOVED the class he took would be an understatement! As a parent, I appreciated the level of support and guidance provided to make preparing for the class a snap. THANK YOU!!! Kate
We loved the online program! It was very convenient for our busy family, and our son looked forward to it each day. He wishes it had gone on MUCH longer, so he could keep learning new things. Brandy

Attend an Event!

Join the community! Each week we have events for children and parents. Every event is different and ranges from online video game discussions for kids to technology Q&A sessions for parents.

Many of the events are free to join, however, there are also educational events reserved for students that are LCB Live members.

Our free events tend to be on the fun side while our member only events teach students computer programming, design, and other technology skills.

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"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young." - Henry Ford
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